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Are Your Gym Shoes the Right Ones for You?

April 07, 2021 | Farah Jassawalla

Working out is a pain as is. Therefore, one should aim to make the process as painless as possible. People tend to do this by trying out new things and using the “proper” equipment that is available in the market at that time.

People, therefore, tend to invest in gym clothes, gym memberships and trainers, special equipment, motivational posters, even supplements along with protein powder. All of these things are meant to enhance the gym and working out experience.

However, there is one factor that must be taken with a certain level of seriousness and that is gym shoes.

Why Are Gym Shoes Important?

Gym shoes are more than an accessory to wear to your fancy gym and to get everyone to pay attention to you. They are more of an important lifeline and a decision to be made after careful consideration especially if you are someone who is taking working out very seriously.

Athletes such as marathon runners, basketball players, football players, soccer players, and even golf players take their shoe decisions very seriously. This is because there can be very severe consequences if one does not pick the right shoe for themselves.

One major issue is that an uncomfortable shoe, especially one that does not fit right could prove to be very dangerous for the athlete. The feet are essential to any athlete and therefore, their protection is vital. A shoe that might cut through the skin or cause blisters to form would only prove to be painful for the one wearing them. It may also lead to infections and blisters and the discomfort may lead to cuts being formed in the heels.

Other issues can also be formed in regard to the style of the shoe. Not every shoe can be used in every sport. For example, running shoes have more cushioning as the runner would have a certain impact on the ground and the shoe would have to absorb it. Running shoes also need to have a certain amount of height in order to give the runner a certain head start and a little push to make them run faster. Some running shoes also have a flare attached to them so that the runner can be seen in the dark due to the reflective nature of the flare.

Basketball shoes on the other hand have a different set of requirements and the shoe itself is divided into parts. The midsole, the outsole, the upper. These are the three distinctions and they have further classifications when one dives into the importance of each factor.

Pain Caused by the Wrong Shoe

As it was discussed earlier there are some issues that can be caused by wearing the wrong shoe. These include the discomfort that is caused if the size is wrong. The pain is felt in cases where the shoe cuts through the skin. There are also times when the shoe breaks or tears or falls apart completely. This can prove to be a special pain for runners as they would have to handle the broken shoe in the middle of their race.

Other than these factors, the wrong shoe can also cause athletes to lose their game. This could then have further mental health implications, for which it is better to be assessed by an expert so that the person has had the chance to go through their issues properly.

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