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For Physicians

How it works

After sign-up, your employees can access the CURA4U portal for benefits included in the package.
Your employees will receive lab tests at Quest Diagnostics, followed by an online visit with a Primary Care Physician.
Follow-up care including further diagnostics & specialty care is available to your employees at deeply discounted prices.


  • Online Primary Care Visit
  • Online Urgent Care Visit
  • Additional Discount on Labs & Radiology
  • Discount on Specialist Consultation
  • Discount on Pharmacy


$49$19 Per month
Per Employee


$49$29 Per month
Per Employee


$69$49 Per month
Per Employee


$99$69 Per month
Per Employee


Detailed Features

Unlimited Consultations

After the first free consultation upon sign-up, Your subscribed employees get unlimited access to primary care Physicians with co-pay as low as $9. This means that your employees can connect to a CURA4U doctor whenever they want from the comfort of their home or office.

They may simply log on to www.cura4u.com or use CURA4U app, request an appointment and a CURA4U primary care physician will connect with them at the employee’s chosen time slot.

Consultations can be conducted through computer, tablet or mobile by simply clicking on the link provided by CURA4U after confirmation of appointment. At the backend, the consultations are carried out using SmartClinix, our proprietary HIPAA compliant telemedicine EMR.

Discounted Diagnostic Services

Upon signing up, your employees will undergo lab tests which they can proceed with at the Quest Diagnostics location of their choice. The price of these lab tests is included in the initial sign up cost.

Any subsequent lab tests and imaging services can be availed by the subscribed employees at over 80% discounted prices. The additional discounts will depend upon the package availed, and corresponding discounts will be shown to the employees upon check out.

The labs can be scheduled at any of the 2,200 Quest Diagnostics locations, and radiology services at any of the 900 imaging centers of Green Imaging and Precision Imaging.

Speciality Care

Getting a specialty care appointment is not easy. Scheduling a consultation with the neurologist or a cardiologist of your choice may take months.

At CURA4U we have over 200 specialist physicians covering all major specialties. Your subscribed employees will have access to all those physicians at discounted rates with consultations as early as within 24-48 hours.

Subscribed employees can log on to www.cura4u.com, select specialty & physician and schedule appointment from available slots. After paying discounted consultation fee, a consultation link will be sent to see the specialist at the scheduled time.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can subscribe different packages for different employees based on your requirements.

Yes, subscription is transferable. However, the new employee will require his own $99 initial check-up and consultation package. The transfer will resume after the initial checkup and consultation is commenced.

Yes. Our system allows upgrading or downgrading of packages once annually.

Direct relatives of your employees can avail the same corporate prices if applied with the employee’s reference. Contact us (hyperlink) with your Cura4U corporate ID if you would like to request a supplementary membership for family member.

We currently have over 200 physicians of all major specialties including Neurology, Rheumatology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, and many more.

You may cancel any time in the first 60 days. After 60 days, a 6 months renewable contract will come into effect.