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What is included in Annual Wellness Check

  • Physician’s Consultation + lab work from quest diagnostics
  • CBC
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • Lipid profile
  • Urinalysis

Not having a proactive approach towards healthcare can be a very expensive mistake. Preventative Health Care is the only way to ensure early detection & treatment of underlying conditions.

CURA4U Annual Wellness Check is a set of tests accompanied by a doctor’s consultation to ensure you stay on top of your health.

The testing can be conducted at any Quest lab of your choice, and a CURA4U physician will discuss the results with you to guide you accordingly for any advice or lifestyle changes.

How it works

book appointment Book service & receive order slip
map icon Visit your selected Quest location for sampling
patient report Receive results online
neorology brain image Talk to CURA4U physician to discuss results

Frequently Asked Question

No. CURA4U wellness check does not require insurance.

Generally we recommend all adults irrespective of their age to get CURA4U wellness check at least once. However for people above 40, or for people with family medical history, we recommend getting CURA4U health check up at least once a year.

Staying on top of your health by getting tested proactively can save extensive spending & pain in case of late detection of potential conditions. Moreover some individuals are more vulnerable to certain health conditions owing to their family medical history. Therefore, we advise everyone irrespective of their lifestyle to get checked up to be sure.

It will cost almost twice as much if you order tests and services included in CURA4U wellness check individually. The package is designed by America’s top specialists, and allows the addressing primary care physician to get the most accurate picture of an individual’s health as far as basic medical screening is concerned.

Absolutely. The tests are conducted by Quest Labs at the center of your choice.

Some of our physicians are listed on CURA4U. Please rest assured that CURA4U physicians go through a robust background check in order to enlisted to provide consultations on CURA4U.

CURA4U Physician will discuss the results with you, and if required, recommend further diagnostic investigations or refer you to a specialist. If you prefer, CURA4U physician may order further diagnostics through CURA4U providing you up to 80% discount on services from top providers. If required, you can also request online consultation with a specialist from our rich multi-specialty consultant physician’s team which is much more economical than an in-office consultation, and is available within 24-48 hours.

This is a cash based service and is not covered by insurance at this moment.