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Coronavirus spreading from cats and dogs

May 13, 2020 | Farah Jassawalla

The wildly spreading coronavirus has changed our lives, leaving everyone worried and insecure about their health. Apart from human beings, there is news that the virus could also attack our household pets as well.
A widely raised question is whether cats and dogs can become infected by the SARS 2 coronavirus. Tests have been conducted on these animals, which showed that while they can become infected, they will not show any signs of sickness. Moreover, cats from around the world have been tested positive with coronavirus. Especially in Wuhan, there were over 100 cats that were tested positive with the virus. 
People are worried about catching the virus from their pets. According to WHO (World Health Organization), it is not likely that the virus can spread from animals. Animal to animal transmission is also not seen anywhere yet. The main reason behind the spread remains human interaction.

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