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Ease of visa restrictions for telemedicine doctors

June 19, 2020 | Farah Jassawalla

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, US Citizenship and Immigration Services has eased visa restrictions for foreign doctors. Doctors under the Conrad 30 programs with H-1B visas can now even practice outside their assigned state using telemedicine health services. With telehealth services, doctors can reach the underserved rural areas of the US during the pandemic.

Doctors are present to save lives and help others in times of difficulty, a fact that was highlighted to the government. Many people believe that laws should be eased under COVID-19 so that doctors can step out of their assigned states and offer their services in understaffed hospitals. People have demanded that international medical graduates should be allowed in the country without visa restrictions to help the population. The immigration system should ease restrictions to improve the healthcare system of the US.

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