ThriveWell Pediatrics is the First Coast’s First Direct Care Practice for Children. DPC is basically Concierge Medicine without the high price tag.This Membership Model allows us to be present for your family without any constraints from an outside party like an insurance company. We can have short or long visits as needed. Our patients can be in contact with us in many ways (phone, text, video, email) which increases access and convenience of care. We are committed to building strong ongoing relationships with your family.


  • Well & Newborn Visits
  • Office Visits (acute, sick or chronic care). Really.
  • Extended, Unhurried Appointments
  • Customized, Integrative Guidance
  • Visits & Conversations by Phone, Text, Email and Video
  • Direct Access to Your Physician
  • Same-Day or Next-Day Appointments
  • Little to No Waiting Time
  • School, Sports & Camp Physicals and Forms
  • Basic In-Office Lab Tests & Procedures (strep swabs, urine tests, etc)
  • Deep Discounts on other Lab testing
  • In-Office Medication Dispensing (often deeply discounted)
  • Coordination of Care (with specialists, outside labs & testing, etc)


Valerie Miles
Dhanu Sant


Membership Fee: $NA
Enrollment Fee: $NA