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*This service is currently available in Jacksonville,FL Jacksonville beach, and Palatka. We are currently working to launch this service in other cities.

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Diagnostic Heart Caths

Diagnostic Peripheral Angiography

Angioplasty and Stent Placement


Radiofrequency or Laser Venous Ablation -first vein


Diagnostic Angio any type

LE Intervention per Leg -includes diagnostic angio

Abd-Renal Intervention


Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET)

Pulmonary Function Test

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)


Event Monitors

Pacer ICD checks



Sleep Study Routine

Home Sleep

Sleep Study C-PAP-Split Night

6 Minute walk

Spirometery only

Echo Limited w-bubble

ECHO-B Routine Echo w-bubble

ECHO-Stress Echo

Nuclear Stress Test (includes treadmill) Myoview only

Nuclear Stress Test includes treadmill Myoview And Lexiscan


Treadmill Stress Test only-No Nuc

Cardiac Viability

Lower or Upper PVR-Bilateral-No exercise

Lower PVR-Bilateral-w-exercise

Lower Ext Arterial Duplex Bilateral

Lower Ext Arterial Duplex Unilateral

Upper Ext Arterial Duplex Unilateral

Upper Ext Arterial Duplex Bilateral

Venous Duplex Bilateral

Venous Duplex Unilateral

Renal Duplex Study

Abdominal Aorta Duplex study (includes IVC)

Celiac-SMA Duplex study

Carotid Duplex

Vein Mapping for AVF-AV Graft

Radiofrequency or Laser venous ablation (each additional vein)

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