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Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) Study:
Alice NightOne HSAT
CPT 95806

The NightOne HST (Home Sleep Test) device offers a user-friendly and portable solution for convenient sleep disorder assessment.

WatchPat One
CPT 95800

The WatchPAT One Disposable Home Sleep Test (HST) is a cutting-edge, single-use sleep testing device designed to accurately assess and diagnose sleep disorders with utmost convenience and ease.

PSG Study-In-lab Diagnostic/Treatment Study:
CPT 95810

In-lab sleep study with full parameters, attended by a technologist.Per study fee, to be billed monthly.

Are you having sleep issues?

Speaking with your physician is the first step to getting a better night's sleep. Your physician can evaluate your sleep health, medical history, and symptoms to determine if a sleep study is right for you.