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How does the novel coronavirus really spread?

May 21, 2020 | Farah Jassawalla

The COVID 19 has left the entire world wondering what we have to deal with. Considering that no vaccines have been created just yet to tackle it, the only thing we can practice is our safety. The SARS 2 coronavirus is a newly discovered type of coronavirus which spread from Wuhan, a Chinese city. Since it is incurable, the only way to fight it is to stop it from spreading.

Is the coronavirus fatal?

Up till now, 244,000 people have succumbed to the rapidly spreading virus worldwide. However, over 1 million have also recovered from COVID-19, which shows that the recovery rate is greater than the death rate. Research shows that treating the symptoms early can help people in recovering quickly from this disease. Those who catch the virus are not going to suffer from it throughout their lives. However, proper care and support are necessary for individuals to recover fast.

How does the SARS 2 coronavirus affect the body?

Initially, the immune system tends to fight the virus, but if it fails to due to various reasons, it goes down to the lungs. During this phase, as the fight between the immune system and virus continues, a person faces symptoms such as fever, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. However, those with a weak immune system tend to lose this battle quickly and can end up with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).

While the COVID-19 is supposed to be lung disease, it has shown to affect other organs as well. Those with cardiac problems have a higher mortality rate than others since the virus is shown to clot the blood and block the oxygen circulating in the body. Not just the heart but the kidney, liver, brain, and every other organ in your body is at risk of getting attacked by the virus.

Can the virus spread through the air?

While this pandemic is a new global issue, another issue is that of different kinds of myths floating about how the virus spreads and what damages it can cause. Coronavirus can only spread through the respiratory droplets of a person carrying the disease, coming in direct contact with such a person and touching a surface that has the virus germs on it. To protect yourself in such situations, you should wear a mask and wash your hands or sanitize them after touching a surface.

How to fight the novel coronavirus?

It is pretty simple to stay safe and protected from this virus. First and foremost, avoid physical contact with everyone and maintain a social distance. Moreover, always wear a mask when stepping out of the house. Most importantly, wash your hands after every few intervals and, if not possible, then carry a hand sanitizer containing alcohol. Since recovery is dependent on the immune system, people should improve their diets and eat healthily, so they are capable of fighting the virus in its early stages.  

What should you do in case you catch the coronavirus?

Not every cough and sneeze is due to the coronavirus. In case you start showing the early symptoms such as fever, flu, and cough, then you should get tested for the virus. Since it is not safe to step out of the house unnecessarily, it is better that you schedule an appointment for your lab tests through Cura4U. After getting tested, you can receive the results online so you can stay safe and protected in your home.

If you are tested positive for the virus, you should immediately isolate yourself in your house and maintain a safe distance from your family. Treating the symptoms of the virus can help you recover without a vaccine for the virus itself. 

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