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How to chill out with holotropic breathwork?

February 18, 2020 | Farah Jassawalla

Holotropic breathwork allows you to influence your mental, emotional, or physical state by controlling breathing patterns.  Derived from a spiritual framework, holotropic breathwork is now also used as a therapeutic tool in many countries. This technique basically allows you to access altered states of consciousness by gaining command over the breathing process. The participants are made to breathe rapidly to induce an altered state, which enables them to achieve a more meaningful understanding of themselves.
The theoretical technique of holotropic breathwork integrates principles of anthropology, modern psychology, latest consciousness research, and transpersonal psychology. Furthermore, it also incorporates the essence of various spiritual practices. Apart from hyperventilation, the technique also involves certain other activities such as Mandala Drawing.
This intense form of meditation is based on the fact that healing comes from within. So if you are suffering from mental trauma, emotional distress, or physical pain, then you have full authority of healing yourself because holotropic breathwork makes you feel personally empowered and helps you be your own cure.
According to the pioneers of this technique, each individual has an inner radar, which enables them to determine the most significant experience at a given time. Your facilitator will not be guiding you about what to focus on; instead, you will be required to interpret and understand what emerges from within you.

What does it feel like?

If you are worried about the negative health impacts this technique might have on you, here is all you need to understand to clarify your doubts. The act of hyperventilation allows you to enter an altered state of consciousness because of the resulting oxygen deprivation in the brain. You access a deeper dimension of the present moment and see things in a more colorful way than you previously did.
Coupled with traditional therapy, holotropic breathwork can help relieve stress, fight anxiety and depression, and promote self-awareness. You can focus on the intriguing intricacies of life, learn how to support the community, contemplate ways to improve yourself and develop faith in your ability to heal yourself in a trusting environment during the procedure.
With a busy schedule and a ton of activities, life can get really exhausting and challenging. Taking out time to rid you of the negative thoughts is mandatory for sound mental health. Holotropic breathwork is an effective way of assessing yourself as a human, identifying your flaws, boosting your strengths, and overcoming your deficiencies. You can practice this method as part of group sessions or workshops. Mingling with other people also gives you the chance to develop friendships that can help you grow out of your pessimism and depression. However, if you want to enjoy benefitting from this technique privately, then you can opt for individual sessions.
If you are suffering from chronic depression, pain, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, or migraine then you should really give holotropic breathwork a try. It is not an expensive technique and does not need fancy equipment. All you need to do is talk to a trained facilitator and discuss your expectations from the process with them. This powerful approach to self-exploration and personal empowerment will pave your path to having a serene, peaceful mind. By relying on your innate wisdom and wit, you can successfully achieve a positive transformation that will help you be a better version of yourself. This technique will also enhance your self-confidence and reduce your dependence on others for emotional support. The slow, soothing music playing in the background will also infuse you with a renewed sense of hope, peace, and optimism. Spare some time from your busy routine to look after your emotional and physical health - it is time that you start caring for yourself.

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