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What are the most important healthcare discounts you can sign up for?

November 25, 2021 | Farah Jassawalla

Healthcare is extremely expensive. The average American finds it extremely difficult to get healthcare that is affordable. Traditional healthcare plans involve insurance, which also makes the process very complicated. Insurance claims and policies can be extremely messy and sometimes limited in terms of benefits like wellness package discounts and lab test discounts. 

Alternative forms of healthcare, like telemedicine and telehealth platforms such as Cura4U, tend to be much more affordable than co-pay options. They also offer excellent discounts for various medical services. There are several excellent discounts that you can sign up for – and these are the ones that actually matter. You can utilize these every year without fail and in a number of situations because they are flexible. 

There are 3 main discounts that you should sign up for:

  1. Lab Test discounts 

  2. Wellness package discounts or the Annual Wellness Package 

  3. Radiology discounts 

The Importance of Healthcare Discounts

  1. Lab Test discounts: 

Regular blood tests are an excellent way to keep track of your overall physical well-being. When you get tested at regular intervals, you can see the changes your body has gone through in the time that has passed. The results of the test can help you in making well-informed decisions about your health and your lifestyle. 

Getting a routine blood test once a year – around the time of your yearly physical is the bare minimum. There are several reasons why you should get your blood tests done on a regular basis and you need to have significant discounts for that. You should get your blood tests done for three main reasons: 

  • Unusual symptoms: if you have continuously been experiencing some unusual symptoms that are discomforting, like fatigue or pain, or something markedly visible like significant weight loss in a short period of time, you should get a blood test done. 

  • Health optimization: having an awareness of the levels of various body fluids and components in the blood is an excellent way to keep track of your health. Knowing the levels of components like HDL and LDL cholesterol allows you to tweak your diet and fitness plans accordingly. You can minimize your unhealthy habits and develop healthy habits like eating nutrient-dense food. 

  • Reduce risk: when you’re aware of how your body is functioning, you know which complications can occur down the road and you can minimize them. Blood tests pick up on the tell-tale warning signs of all kinds of diseases early. A large chunk of heart, liver and lung-related diseases can be detected using blood tests. 

  1. Radiology Discounts: 

Radiology is extremely important for disease management. It is a wide field that utilizes a range of tools and techniques for detection, treatment, and staging. The main area of concern here is diagnostic testing, which needs to be done frequently in some cases and having a discount on that can be beneficial. 

Diagnostic imaging is crucial for providing detailed information about the structures in the body and any disease or injury-related changes that have occurred within them. You need a radiologist for any range of reasons such as:

  • Pregnancies 

  • Torn muscle

  • Broken bones

  • Infections 

  • Trauma

  • Accidents 

  • Foreign objects in the body 

  • Screening for diseases, like cancer or tumors

  • Blocked arteries or other vessels

There are various types of imaging tests as well. The most basic one is the X-ray, followed by higher-level ones such as CT scans, Ultrasounds, MRIs, and PET scans. CT scans are more detailed than X-rays, while ultrasounds are commonly used for pregnancies and swellings. The MRI is very useful for scanning the brain and spinal cord while the PET scan is a type of nuclear medicine imaging that is used to detect cancer and problems with the heart. 

  1. Annual Wellness Visit: 

The annual wellness exam is a benefit that is often included with insurance plans as well. But sometimes, they are the bare minimum of what you need in an annual wellness check, failing to provide a holistic picture of your overall wellbeing and health as an annual wellness check should. 

Wellness check discounts are crucial because a wellness check is a preventative measure that focuses on the maintenance of health and stops health problems from taking root. It essentially stops your health from deteriorating by catching the signs of disrepair beforehand. The average wellness exam includes things like: 

  • A physical examination

  • A BMI check

  • A vitals check 

  • Examining medical, personal, and family history 

  • Discussing the current lifestyle and health choices you’ve made so far

  • Screenings like urinalysis, basic metabolic panels, comprehensive metabolic panels, and a complete blood count

  • Shots and immunizations 

  • A conversation with the physician 

You can further discuss your plans for the future and how you can navigate any pitfalls with your doctor after the results are in.


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