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Ways in which retinol oil can transform your skin

February 24, 2020 | Farah Jassawalla

We are living in an age where skincare is considered an essential part of the daily routine. There has been a growing interest in actives and anti-aging skin ingredients in recent times. One element that has received loads of attention is retinol, the ultimate anti-aging ingredient that people are going bonkers over. A lot of brands have started using retinol in their eye products as eyes are usually the first part of the face to get wrinkles and crow's feet.
So what is so special about retinol that every company now wants this ingredient in their skincare products? Retinol is highly recommended for its anti-aging properties but also for the fact that it can transform your skin by clearing all signs of acne. It is perhaps the only active skincare ingredient that can do so.
For those who do not know, retinol is just another name for vitamin A. It is a type of a family of chemical compounds related to vitamin A called retinoids. Retinoic acid, retinyl palmitate, and retinaldehyde are some of the other popular kinds of retinoids. All of these are present in most skincare products. There are many advantages of retinol, acne and anti-aging properties are two of the most popular ones.
There are ways in which retinol oil can transform your skin completely. Vitamin A, in its rudimentary form, is not active, according to skincare specialists. When retinol and other retinoids are applied on the skin, the enzymes in the body convert these into retinoic acid, which is the active form of vitamin A. There are many ways in which this special ingredient then starts working on the skin to help with anti-aging and acne. Retinoic acid works to produce new skin cells by stimulating collagen and elastin production. With the regular use of retinoids, you can rest assured that the hyperpigmentation on your skin will decrease, and your skin will look hydrated and fresh without any irritation. With a healthy turnover of cells, there will be no more acne, eczema, fine lines, and dark spots.
Not all retinoids are the same; however, some are harsher on the skin than others. It is better not to apply pure retinoic acid directly to the skin as it can irritate. For people who have sensitive skin, retinol is a milder yet effective alternative. According to experts, pure retinol can reduce irritation, and you will still get all the benefits of pure retinoic acid. However, the trick is to find the right kind of formula for your skin. Some skincare products combine a mild form of retinol with some doses of vitamin B3 to soothe the skin as well.
According to experts, no matter your underlying reason for using a retinoid, you will feel all the benefits after a while. For example, a skincare product specially designed to treat acne will take care of your fine lines and wrinkles as well. However, the basic improvement will only be in the condition for which the medication is designed. It is, however, good to know that something intended for acne will take care of a premature wrinkle or two as well.
Retinoids have come a long way since their discovery, and many solutions containing retinoids are specially designed to take care of your skin. However, you must protect your skin from extra sun exposure after the application of any retinol product. Always remember to go out wearing a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. These products are usually designed for nighttime use, so make sure the ones you use during the day are suitable for that. Retinol products have been known to be successful, find one that suits your skin today, and experience the magic!

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