Inherigen Partner Gene Sequencing (NON-NY)

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The Inherigen Partner Gene Sequencing test is a genetic test that analyzes a person's DNA to identify specific variations, or mutations, in a set of genes. The genes included in the test vary depending on the specific version of the Inherigen Partner Gene Sequencing test, but may include genes associated with an increased risk for certain inherited diseases or conditions.

The Inherigen Partner Gene Sequencing test can provide important information for a variety of medical purposes, including:

Inherited disease diagnosis: The test can be used to diagnose inherited diseases, such as certain types of cancer or heart disease, by identifying specific genetic mutations that increase a person's risk.

Carrier testing: The test can be used to determine if a person is a carrier of a genetic mutation that could be passed on to their children, potentially causing an inherited disease.

Personalized medicine: The test results can be used to guide personalized medical decisions, such as selecting treatments or medications based on a person's specific genetic makeup.

The test results, along with other clinical information, can guide further medical evaluation and treatment decisions. It's important to note that genetic testing is just one piece of information that healthcare providers consider when making a diagnosis or treatment plan, and should always be interpreted in the context of a person's complete medical history and other relevant factors.

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