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4 Habits to Practise to Manage Your Depression

January 05, 2021 | Farah Jassawalla

Mental Health awareness has taken the world by storm in the past decade. With more awareness campaigns than ever before. As more and more interest is being dedicated to how to live happier and healthier lives, both physically and mentally. We have finally learned of multiple ways as to how one can manage the stresses of their lives.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder that makes a person feel helpless and sad most of the time and usually without a direct reason. Feeling helpless due to a cause, for example, having a lack of time or resources and being unable to complete a task.

However, with repeated trauma and mental health issues, a person can feel depressed all the time. This can become an issue for them in the long run. To help you combat and manage your depression, we have compiled a shortlist for you.

Start a Routine

One main issue why someone might face when they are clinically depressed is the hopelessness that comes with depression. How doing even the simplest of tasks seems hard and impossible. Therefore, set a routine for yourself, with small manageable, and achievable goals.

For example, one routine could be to make the bed after waking up. This is small and achievable, and at the end of the day, if you end up doing nothing else. at least you come back home to a made bed. A bed that was made by you.


Exercising on a routine basis is known to increase the body’s amount of serotonin. Although at the beginning of a workout, you may feel very demotivated and would not want to complete the plan that has been set out for you. Continuous exercise will eventually be something that you aim for.

It is also possible for you to be somewhat addicted to exercise, and the day that you miss it, you may feel that something was incomplete about your day. Exercise does not necessarily mean the muscle-building exercising that is done with machinery, it can also mean simple at-home workouts like yoga.

Have a Proper Sleep Schedule

Depression can sometimes make sleeping and waking up on time difficult. You may either stay up all night, tossing and turning, or you may not get out of bed all day. Or even a combination of the two.

There are some methods that you can practice to get the shut-eye you deserve. Such as not interacting with any blue light for an hour before bed. So try reading a book rather than scrolling through your phone.

Try Something New

Challenge yourself. Try learning a new language or an instrument. You can even volunteer at your local charity. But do something new with your routine. Give your life a new purpose. This will help challenge your mind and your body, but will also give you a reason to get out of bed that day.


There are multiple ways one can handle or manage their depression. One other method is to seek professional help by consulting a doctor. This has become increasingly easy with the help of advanced telehealth facilities such as affordable virtual consultations.

However, not everyone wishes to opt for this opportunity due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, there are multiple other methods that one can look into that might help them cope with their depression. It is to be noted that depression works differently for everyone. What may be the answer for you, would not have the slightest effect on someone else.

Therefore, when going through this list. Please be mindful of what would work for you, and if it doesn’t do not get disheartened. There is something for everyone.

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