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How much does a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel cost?

October 05, 2021 | Farah Jassawalla

There's no harm in saying that blood testing is the most evolving part of any treatment process, whether it's about costs or technology. A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) is a blood test that ensures the overall wellness of your health through a series of laboratory tests 

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when going for the CMP test as it directly explains the performance of your kidney, liver, blood sugar; measuring the complete blood profile of your body.

What is a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)?

The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) comprises 14 different laboratory tests to check the overall performance of your body. CMP specifically finds the ratio of how different chemicals are balanced to make energy for specific functions.

The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel also gives the current status of the liver, kidneys, blood sugar, and protein and estimates your overall health profile. Mostly, patients who are diabetic or have affected organs as a result of some medications are sent for a CMP. 

What's included in the CMP Blood Test?

Glucose: Measures your blood sugar level and can indicate diabetes or other glucose-related conditions.

Calcium: Important for bone health and nerve function; abnormal levels may suggest a variety of conditions.

Sodium: Helps maintain fluid balance in the body; high levels may indicate dehydration or other issues.

Potassium: Plays a role in muscle and nerve function; abnormal levels may indicate kidney or heart problems.

Chloride: Helps regulate fluid and electrolyte balance in the body; abnormal levels may suggest kidney or liver issues.

Carbon dioxide: A byproduct of metabolism; low levels may suggest respiratory or metabolic conditions.

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN): Measures the amount of urea nitrogen in the blood and can indicate kidney function.

Creatinine: Another indicator of kidney function; high levels may suggest kidney damage or disease.

Bilirubin: A waste product from the breakdown of red blood cells; high levels may suggest liver or gallbladder problem.

ALP (alkaline phosphatase), ALT (alanine transaminase), AST (aspartate aminotransferase): liver products in the form of enzymes that catalyze the body functioning.

Albumin: a liver product and a protein

Total protein: finds out the protein concentration in the blood

What happens during a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel?

The CMP is a relatively simple blood test and it only requires a small blood sample from your arm using a syringe. The physician inserts a small needle into your arm to take a blood sample. They then convert this blood sample into a small test tube for further processing. 

Do you need to prepare for the CMP blood test?

The preparation for the CMP test depends on the purpose behind it. In some cases, your physician may ask you to fast(no eating and drinking) before the test for at least 8-10 hours but it's important to discuss everything with your doctor to ensure transparency.

What do my results mean?

Your test results tell a lot about your health performance and the metabolism of your body. In the case of abnormality, this means that your liver and kidneys are not functioning well or there's a chance of high blood sugar. Your physician can guide you for follow-up testing and the next process that is best for you based on your records.

What is the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel used for?

The CMP quest is used to assess the overall performance of the body and the status of several components that define your healthy metabolism. It shows how well your liver and kidneys are performing and finds out the blood sugar level. 

The test also helps the physician in gauging the electrolytes, fluid balances, and impacts of certain medications on the liver and kidney that can be affected as a result of prior treatment.

Is the basic metabolic panel (BMP) and CMP the same?

The basic metabolic panel (BMP) is a blood test that gives a general overview of your metabolism. BMP lab test consists of only 8 tests ( excluding liver and protein test) whereas CMP is a broad screen of overall health consisting of 14 tests.

How much does a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) Cost?

The prices for blood tests can be surprisingly high for many of us. This is because most people don't bother to check the prices before their tests are done. This is why it's important to check the price before getting into any test whether it's CMP or any other laboratory test.

The cost of a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) in the United States can vary depending on several factors such as the location, the healthcare provider or lab, the insurance coverage, and whether it is performed in a hospital or an outpatient setting. However, on average, the cost of a CMP test without insurance can range from $30 to $300.

It is important to note that many health insurance plans cover the cost of a CMP test as part of routine preventive care or diagnostic testing. Patients are advised to contact their insurance provider or healthcare provider to determine the cost of the test and whether it is covered by their insurance plan. 

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Medically reviewed and last updated: March 29, 2023


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