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Essentials of Nail Care

March 19, 2021 | Farah Jassawalla

Nail care is fairly underrated but essential for people who want healthy, beautiful-looking nails. To have healthy nails, you must pay close attention to what you’re applying to your nails because often the products that we use can do more harm than good.

Nail polishes are a fun way to express one’s creativity and dress one’s nails the way you want but what often comes with nail polishes is nail damage. Nail polish removers tend to be very drying and if used frequently, they can cause nails to become brittle and frail.

To find out how to revive your damaged nails and how to maintain their health, follow the tips below:

Use Cuticle Oil:

Cuticle oil deeply moisturizes your cuticles as well as the skin around your nails. It promotes circulation in the nail bed, thereby improving nail growth.

It provides quick relief for extremely dry nails and cuticles, protecting the area from dirt and harmful bacteria. But the best part is, this strengthens both your cuticles and your nails.

Get a Good Hand Cream:

Healthy hands are the secret to healthy nails. Hand creams should be a nail care staple in your life because out of all the body parts we wash, our hands get washed the most. Therefore, it’s natural for hands and consequently nails to become dry and unsightly.

Good hand cream is your best bet against dry nails because when you’re keeping your hands properly moisturized, your nails are going to reap the benefits of it too. Hand creams also make your hands softer and younger-looking, thereby improving how your nails look.

Use Good Nail Clippers:

A good nail clipper is sharp and strong enough to cut your nails in one go, without causing any damage to them. Nail clippers are also healthier for nails as opposed to scissors so avoid using those as they can make your nails split and cause discomfort.

Good nail care at home can help save money as you won’t have to pay for manicures, so getting decent nail clippers is a good investment. To keep them from getting rusty, clean them properly and store them away from water. This way they will last you longer.

Invest in an Anti-Chew Treatment:

If chewing your nails is a problem for you, we understand how difficult losing the habit can be. Investing in an anti-chew treatment can not only help you lose your habit but also lead to better, healthier nails.

Most anti-chew treatments are liquid formulas that can easily go over either clean or polished nails. They are invisible and need application only twice a week. This is enough for the strong, unpleasant taste to work its magic and get you out of this habit in no time.

Good Diet and Supplements:

This one’s a no-brainer. For anything healthier, the first thing you need to improve is your diet. Eating lots of fruits, drinking plenty of water, eating your leafy greens, and avoiding processed food will improve not only your nail health but also your skin health and your hair health.

Ideally, your diet should include all your essential vitamins and minerals but in case that is not possible, supplements are a good alternative.

Biotin as well as other B vitamins are great for nails as they improve the texture and strength of nails over time. Iron and proteins keep your nails in shape and make them grow healthily. Vertical ridges in nails are often a sign of a magnesium deficiency, so this is also an important nutrient to consume.

For more information on how best to revive nail damage, consult an expert and relieve yourself of your discomfort.

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